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We are Austin Flower Market, part of the King Florist Group in central Austin.  AFM was started in 2012 as a source to meet needs that the King Florist Group saw in the community. See our stories below.

 Photo Courtesy of Leah Overstreet Photography

Photo Courtesy of Leah Overstreet Photography

Why a Wholesale Market?

There is a lot of love in Austin, and that means that there are a lot of brides! There is a significant amount of brides who want to have a hand in the creative process of their wedding. Pinterest has been a huge drive for couples who see floral concepts that they feel they can create on their own (plus having the street cred with your guests!)  This is why our wholesale market was born. We wanted to create a platform for brides and event planners to be able to source fresh product without a wholesale license.

What's in Season?

One of the biggest questions  that brides have is "What's in season?"  There is always a fear of choosing an item that isn't in season and paying an inflated price for the product. Our online market is not only a shopping platform, but an educational tool.  Each product has seasonability information, minimum requirement information from the farms we work with, and prices. (Yes, prices!) We have brides from all over the world who use our market as a budget calculator, adding what they need to their cart and seeing where they end up.  

We work direct with the farms. 

From Holland to South America to Australia and even here in Texas, we source product all over the world. If you think way back to a seed being planted in the ground, through the entire watering, pruning and growth process, to you clicking "purchase" on your computer, you are literally securing a portion of crop from a farm in a far away land. This is why we need two weeks advance notice for our orders. This allows us time to communicate with the farm, secure your product, and have it shipped in time for your event.


We are not a walk in wholesale market.  We want to keep prices online as affordable as possible, and not carrying that weekly overhead of product is one way for us to achieve this goal. Since we are part of Austin's premier flower shop, we do have product every week for you to look at if you want to stop by, but not in bulk quantities.  We suggest stopping by on Tuesday or Wednesday for you to see the most product, demand is high and supply is low by the end of the week.