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  1. When your flowers arrive, carefully unpack them by removing and discarding all packaging materials (paper, cardboard, string, etc.).

  2. Fill cleaned containers or buckets with fresh, cool water.

  3. Cut all stems diagonally with Floral Shears at least one inch from the end of the stem; avoid using household scissors as these tend to pinch the flower stem, inhibiting the stem's ability to soak up water. Also, try to keep the stems as long as possible until you are ready to create your arrangement.  

  4. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line in your cleaned container; this will help to avoid any rotting and bacteria formation that could shorten the life of the flowers.

  5. Keep flowers in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

  6. In order to maintain the freshest flowers over time, repeat steps 2-4 every two days until you are ready to create your arrangement.

 HELPFUL HINT: Please keep in mind that some flowers will need a day or two to fully open


  • Roses: Often delivered with a layer of guard petals that serve as the flower’s natural protectant against the elements.  You can remove the layer of guard petals to expose a fresh bloom.

  • Lilies: Once the buds open, cut off the orange-yellow stamens to avoid shedding and staining.