We have outlined a few, self-guided questions and expert suggestions to help determine if a DIY floral project is a good fit for you and your event.

Let's see how you do!

Are you 3+ months away from your big event?
We suggest committing to your DIY floral project at least 3 months in advance to allow for ample research, design, sourcing, and event prep.
Do you have a solid knowledge of flowers?
You are the Creative Director of your floral project - it will be imperative that you research all of your project needs in advance: from seasonal availability of the floral varieties you want to incorporate, to recommended preparation of those specific varieties. We have some research tools on our site but we encourage our DIYers to do extensive research.
Do you have ample time to plan this DIY project?
We cannot stress the time commitment required to pull off an event DIY floral project (specifically a wedding!).
Do you have available funds to order your flowers ahead of time, and create your dream concept and design strategy?
Wholesale ordering requires us to take payment upfront, and once the farmer's crops are reserved for an advance order, we are unable to offer cancellation refunds.
Do you have a realistic budget for your DIY project?
In addition to the above, we recommend ordering about 20% above your requested floral quantities to account for spoilage and any design table errors. We have found that most people believe DIY flower projects are less expensive, so familiarize yourself with order minimums, etc. to get your budget expectations up to snuff.
Will you have the available time and resources when your event arrives?
While you may believe you are saving on some costs by undertaking a DIY floral project, there is an entire commitment of time when your event arrives that cannot be underestimated. For example: 2-3 days before your event you will need to pick up your unprocessed flowers from our florist, do the initial processing in a spacious and cool location, and transport your processed flowers to your event space; Do you have access to your event space the day before? Do you know who will be available, and in what vehicle, to anticipate these needs? Additionally, we do not recommend leaving the floral arranging activities to the day-of the event; Who will be helping you with arranging your flowers the day before your event? Is there a rehearsal dinner planned for that evening? Are you prepared for all of the project needs when your event arrives?